Patti Hill Bio Photo


It might be more exciting to tell you what I'm not. I'm not a pirate. Or an astronaut. Or an ophthalmologist, which would be amazing. (Please don’t worry that my dream job is all about poking people in the eye.)

The next best thing—I truly believe—is being a storyteller. And that’s what I am.

Although you and I don't know each other, when you read my stories, we travel together and meet amazing characters. I should warn you that you'll think about those characters long after the story ends. They’re the kind of people you dream of knowing.

When not writing, my favorite things are reading, hiking, photography, friends, and good food. Boring, right? It gets worse. I'm happily married to Hunky Hubby, the model for all things wonderful about men. I'm the mom to two grown sons and the mother-in-law to two sweet gifts from God. I'm owned by the wonder dog, Tillie, who has trained me to be a good person.

Life is good in Colorado. I hope it's good where you are, too.

I really, really do.