This Story is Killing Me!

I’m deep into Novel #8 (almost done). Writing this story has been an emotional rollercoaster. With scary clowns. And some heartbreak.

(There’s some funny stuff, too, because our hearts need a break. And the characters find their way back, which, as you know, is hopeful for us all.)

The other day I wrote with my throat tied in a knot and tears pressing for release.

Today, I let the tears come.

I don’t want to tell you too much. When a story is tender and new, I have to shelter it. If I tell too much, I might not do a good job summarizing the story that isn’t fully born yet—like showing a sonogram of an in vitro baby—and you might say something like, “That’s interesting.”

Which I will interpret as: Hmm, interesting is a beige that isn’t too rosy or too yellow. Interesting is a new pair of black socks. Interesting is something that’s ignorable, not too pretty, probably bland.

And then I really will have something to cry about.

I’m not holding back so much as holding in. The story will reach gestation in good time (not so long now), and I’ll bring it out for viewing.

Just thinking about doing so makes my stomach hurt.

For reading to the end of this blog, I will tell you the title: Arrivals & Departures and a little bit about the story: Robin, my hero, travels by touching a map. Sounds great, right? Only the landings are pretty hard (so they should happen water) , and she spends quite a bit of time in places she doesn’t want to visit.

When you’re creating something new, do you share with everyone you come across, or do you hold your creation close to your heart until you’re finished? I’m really curious why you do what you do. The creative process is a little mystical, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “This Story is Killing Me!”

  1. I think I do a little bit of both depending on how dear the person is whom I want to share it with unfinished!
    I also want to say that I just picked up my very favorite novel of yours (I have read them all) which happens to be the very first one I read, to read for the third time- Always Green. That story just stuck with me and ministered to my hearts desires-I want to be squatting in the dirt with you- I want to HIRE you! Haha. I have been sitting on my landscaping dreams for lack of money and direction for 20 plus years, wishing I could get some HELP from someone who can visualize (and tell me) what I want and what I need to do with my acre plus of yard half lousy lawn and half woods. Plus everything else within Mibbys story just fills up all my dry spaces! And I love Colorado. I am looking forward to your novel -in -progress!

    1. Pattie,
      Thanks so much for writing! I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I’ve been working at my husband’s garden center this spring, so I haven’t been checking comments like I should. I so appreciate your kind words.

      Digging in the dirt is one of my favorite things too. I loved writing the Garden Gates series for that very reason. It was easy to get inside Mibby’s passion for a beautiful garden.

      Starting a landscape is a daunting experience. Where to begin? I always advise folks to spend time at a garden center and take note of what they love. Some plants truly make my heart glad. That’s what you want to put in your landscape. If you can’t do your whole yard, start with something–even if that’s one plant–close to the front door. That means you’ll enjoy it every time you come home. And it will be easy to keep an eye on its watering needs. A little beauty gladdens the heart.


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