Why Magical Realism

Why Magical Realism
Why Magical Realism

I live with a sense of wonder and expectation every day. I don’t practice any sort of magic. In fact, I’m downright skeptical of anything abracadabra-esque.

But I am a mystic.

There are things we just can’t explain.

And I’m good with that.

So I write magical realism to tap into powerful metaphors for story and to share that sense of wonder—something spiritual, wonderful, and good is happening all the time—that I live with every day.

This isn’t to say that I’m out of touch with the agonizing reality of living in a broken world. I live and love and fear in the same place you live. You’ll see this in my stories, because that’s what’s real.

But so is hope.

We don’t need one more story of despair.

Don’t you agree?

And we certainly don’t need anymore silly stories.

We need stories where we see ourselves, or a version of ourselves, loving more truly and getting stronger by degrees—after plenty of stumbling about, of course. These kinds of stories require us to be brave and honest.

I promise to be brave and honest in my writing. Yes, I will play with reality a tinge but never so much that you get lost.

Please share a story you considered brave and honest, a story that has stuck with you over time and challenged you to grow. I’ll certainly add such a story to my to-be-read pile.


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